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Monorail Transport Lift System

Generator Monorail Transport System





The generator is loaded and locked down. The ease and speed at which this is done will amaze you. While we have used a stand by generator as an example, this system can be used for many other items. Car parts, such as engines, transmissions, gangboxes and air conditioners just to name a few. It can handle weights up to 1400lbs!

Monorail Transport System 1

Safety first. While using our remote control handle, you are able to be close enough to direct the load. At the same time far enough away to be safe.

Monorail Transport System 2

Unloading is as simple as loading the generator. Simply raise it off the floor and pull on the lifting strap.

Monorail Transport System 3

Extending the rail out past the bumper, lower the load slowly. This allows awkward, bulky items to be moved with ease.

Monorail Transport System 4

Here is the Monorail extended, and lowering the generator to the ground.

Monorail Transport System 5

This is our 3000lb Rated Winch, as is the steel cable that is used along with it. It is a braking winch for added saftey. This winch is a All-Weather winch as well and can be used in most weather conditions.

Monorail Transport System 6

Shown here is the Wiring Harness. It is grounded to the frame of the van/truck.

Monorail Transport System 7

This is our aluminum spreader bar to which the steel cable is attached. This bar can be custom fitted to meet your unique needs.

Monorail Transport System 8

To attach the cable is very easy. Simply unscrew the nut, pull the bolt out. Align the loop in the cable and push the bolt through. Hand tighten the nut, and you are set to hoist the load up.

Monorail Transport System 9

The frame of the Monorail Transport System is securely bolted to the floor of the van/truck.

Monorail Transport System 10

This frame is made out of 2″ squared steel, and painted with industrial enamel paint. As seen here it is bolted to the frame of the van for added stability. This Monorail Transport System is custom made to your requirements. We can build to fit almost any van, box-van, or truck. The frame is all weather and can even be mounted in the bed of a pickup truck.

Monorail Transport System 11

This is the finished load of a generator. The base material is loaded in and you are ready to go to install it. Not only is it easy to use, but it is efficient as well. It will cut your labor costs, lower on the job injuries, and provide a safe professional way to do your job.

Monorail Transport System 12


Monorail Transport Owners Manual


Using the Monorail Transport system and Light Duty Lift Cart:



Offloading a generator with the Monorail Transport System: