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UTP Briggs & Stratton Generator Lift Cart

universal lift carts

The UTP Universal Lift Cart comes in easy to assemble sections.

Built using strong, light weight material, and with large wheels it can handle various types of terrain and equipment.

Universal Lift Cart 1

Easily assemble the UTP Universal Lift Cart with the built-in adjustable tighteners. One worker can assemble in less than 5 minutes.

Universal Lift Cart 2

Provides increased stability and mobility of air cooled generators or air conditioner units.

From the pallet to the pad, the unique center of gravity design makes the cart easy to use and control.


Cuts labor costs by allowing one person to position heavy equipment over a select area.

Use the handy straps to slide your equipment from or to the ground and to secure it on the lift cart.



*Depending on the size of the generator it may require 2 people to move using the UTP Briggs & Stratton Generator Lift Cart.


UTP Briggs & Stratton Generator Lift Cart manual