Safe, Easy & Cost Effective Generator & HVAC Transport



Angie Gilmore

Lone Oak Power Systems

“We bought the Heavy Duty Lift Cart a few months ago. Since then the cart has made our job easier and has helped us run the business better. It makes moving the generators to the pad site easier and we could not be happier with it.”


Mark Pickett

Pickett Electric

“I bought a generator cart from you about a month ago and I wanted to give you some feedback. Wow! It works so well I walked a 17kw Generac air-cooled unit from my shop to the job about 3/10ths of a mile away.”


Chad Arrendale

All Country Inc.

“We bought the air cooled cart 3 months ago, and have used it at least 50 times and we love it. I like how it works, and it turns a 2 man job into a one man job. Hands down it is the best thing we have ever bought.”


Pat Clifton

Eastcoast Generators

“Since I purchased the Light Duty Generator Lift Cart my ability to deliver the generators to the job sites has increased 400%. I simply could not do the job without it”


John King

King Propane

“I have used the Lift Cart 3 times, myself. I have also loaned it to one of the contractors that deals with us. We sell generators to contractors/builders who then resell to the end user. It is handy for them and it saves me sending a man and a truck out to deliver it the generator. The cart can be broken down for the return trip, and there aren’t enough parts to lose any. It’s also rugged enough that I don’t have to worry about it getting damaged. No problems so far…. It’s a real back saver and it is good public relations with the contractors!”


William Jones

Jones Services Company

“Since buying and using the Light Duty Generator Lift Cart, I have been able to lower my labor costs. Before I had to send out three to four guys to move and install each generator. Now thanks to the Light Duty Cart my techs are able to go to each site, and install the generators themselves. I really think the lift carts have not only reduced my labor costs, but also increased my sales as I am able to be more efficient on the site”