Safe, Easy & Cost Effective Generator & HVAC Transport

About Us

About Us

We are the original design & developer of generator lift carts & monorail transport lift systems. We provide unique lifting and transport systems to independent contractors and installers of power generators and HVAC systems & fleet companies interested in offering value added products to their base of clients.

Increase Profits

Increase Profits

How many people does it take to install one of your generators or air conditioners? If you are using a UTP Lift Cart the answer is ONE! With our lift cart you no longer need two or even three workers to install an air cooled generator or air conditioning unit. Now you can do it with just one worker!

Safe & Easy To Use

Safe & Easy To Use

Our equipment is made with the highest quality materials, made in America and is built to last. Save time and operating costs sending less man power to do the job. Our transport systems let one man safely and easily do the job of what used to take 3, saving you time, money and risk of injury.

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All products shown here are patent pending and have been used in real world environments and have proven their worth time and time again. You don’t have to take our word for it, take a look at our Customer Testimonials.

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Here are some of our happy customers who have purchased our Light Duty Lift Cart.

Fuller Electric, Crewe, VA.

Lakeside Electric and Cons., Louisa, VA.

Marquard Electric Corp, Rocky River, OH

Canter Electric, Greensboro, NC

CDS Logistics, Baltimore, MD

NetSystems, Orlando, FL

A.P. Electric

Aaron Electric Company

Innovative Energy

Hardwire Electrical Services

Paris R. Minuto

Elden Roth Electric

Barros Electric

Personalized Air & Electric

And hundreds more!

Isn’t it time for you to save using your very own UTP Lift Cart or Monorail Transport System?


Unique Transport Products LLC warrants the UTP Generator Lift Carts and Monorail Systems against defective components or workmanship for 1 year. Wheels and harness assemble warranted for 90 days. Warranty does not cover lift cart abuse, exposed to weather or general ill-treatment of cart other than what it was designed for.

The UTP Generator Lift Cart is designed to lift and move Guardian/Generac and GE / Briggs & Stratton style air cooled home standby generators weighing up to 600 lbs.

Please call us at (877) 421-0203 Ext 205 for discounts on bulk orders.

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“I bought a generator cart from you about a month ago and I wanted to give you some feedback. Wow! It works so well I walked a 17kw Generac air-cooled unit from my shop to the job about 3/10ths of a mile away.”

Mark Pickett

Pickett Electric